Monday, May 3, 2010

And They're Off!

When most people think of the Kentucky Derby, they think horses, betting and the thrill of the race. When fashion-minded people like myself think of the Derby, we think hats, hats, hats! Celebs showed up looking as fab as ever to the 136th annual Kentucky Derby where they put on a grand display of seersucker suits, slammin' stilettos and serious headgear that would blow Patti Labelle and her myriad millinery out of the water.

Ashlee Simpson donned some serious Chanel duds for the big race and went in a different direction with her 1920s Gatsby-inspired cloche hat.

THIS is what the Kentucky Derby is about! This cleverly cocked hat has glamour and high drama written all over it. Rebecca's endless legs and handsome arm candy make this look a perfect ten.

Remember when Nick & Jessica took to the races back in the good old days? Here he is again, stiff as ever, standing next to his fabulous lady who is rocking a serious straw hat.

Jaime Pressly and husband Simran Singh looking a bit too formal for this daytime affair. Though they look fabulous, the evening make-up and dark hues make this a bad choice.

Bravo's resident fashionisto Andy Cohen poses with Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey who is rocking a white hot look paired with cobalt accessories. Super duper fab!

Marissa Miller looks a bit mumsy in this puffy white frock with a hat picked right off of the pretty little head of a Sunday school kid. Love the dress, lose the hat.

And last but NOT least...

Hai, gurl! Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir KILLS in this boucle blazer and wide brim hat. Johnny might be the best dressed male at this soiree!

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  1. ashlee looked ridiculous in person. and gisele made me want to throw up all the southern food i had just consumed...she is GORGEOUS in person


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