Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Locks

I am extremely lazy when it comes to grooming. The less I have to do in the morning, the better. My makeup routine is super simple and has been the same since high school. I've fine tuned it enough to be able to apply foundation, bronzer, mascara and eyeliner on my way to work. I pride myself on my ability to make myself look presentable in a snap, but doing my hair is another story.

I wash my hair once during the work week and once on the weekend (if I'm really feeling productive). It doesn't get greasy until about day 4, after which I put it up in a ponytail. I'm so sick of the average high pony and needed to find new ways of concealing the grease without having to wear a hat, especially to work. Here are a few styles that are perfect for a girl on-the-go or just for someone craving a new summertime look.

Kim Kardashian definitely wins points for perfecting the slick-back pony, making it look sleek and stylish without looking like she tried too hard. This look works best when the ponytail has been flat-ironed or else your scalp will look too slick and clash with the voluminous cascade in the back.

If you have to get ready for a special occasion but don't have time to do a quick blow-dry, this look will make you look like you stepped out of a salon for little-to-no effort.

The side braid has been done and doesn't do much to detract from your oily locks, but this wraparound braid undoubtedly inspired by Swiss milkmaids is a new twist on a classic. The texture of the braid will add texture to a greasy scalp and draw attention to the funky halo-like plait around your head.

Another great look from my favorite fashionista, the head scarf look is perfect for day or night and requires the littlest effort. Just take a wide, patterned scarf and wrap around your head, close to the hairline and partially covering your forehead to hide the greasiest part of your hair. You can keep this look as casual or as sophisticated as you wish, incorporating designer accessories to add haute flair.

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