Monday, April 12, 2010

Je t'adore...

Sundays are perfect for reflecting (and web browsing). After a long day of thesis-reading for school and proposal-writing for work, I appreciate a fun find to break up the monotony. I choose to indulge in the fluffiness of a romantic photo or a fashion-inspired work of art. Some of my favorite finds are on Etsy and you will be surprised when you see the expert artistry of these prints!

Obsession doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about these prints. I don't know why I haven't caved and bought her entire collection, but Sandra Suy creates the most STUNNING prints inspired by fashion. The best part? A good size print goes for about $35. What a steal! I am still in the conception phase of my room remodel and I can't wait to finally snag one of these works of art when the execution phase begins!

FIERCE! Danny Robertson has gotten so much publicity for his illustrations that he was recently featured in Forever21's webzine. He often draws supermodel portraits in couture pieces. I love the way he really captures the essence of each of the women in this first photo. They each stand out and I can clearly tell Ms. Pivovarova over here in the black blazer is non bon. Check out the photo below of Sofia Coppola. So soft and romantic! What a divine print for a powder room!

I love the tough and tousled femininity - very refreshing and modern! 

Is there anything to be said about this utterly romantic photo? The distressed edges lend a vintage quality to this classically feminine print. Chanel No. 5 practically defines fashion (I own a bottle and am too scared to splash myself with the scent because I don't feel worthy of its powers) and the pairing of the soft florals with the bottle is such a dreamy combination. This print by Kristybee is deserving of a *le sigh*.

jkldesign is another artist who has been on my radar for a long, long time. I've followed her work so closely that she has a designated tab on my internet screen. There is something very special about these prints that might have something to do with the fact that she uses different media to create her images. Watercolor, pencil and ink create the initial image and the artist then uses digital editing/imaging to enhance them. The artist has gotten so much attention (like Danny above) that she has been featured in numerous publications. Check out her other prints here!

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