Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One day in the future, I can see this happening: sitting at the Ritz in London, perusing my latest editorial with Karl, Claudia or Donatella, sipping on Earl Grey (I prefer vanilla caramel) and adjusting the feather flourish on my fascinator. My stilettoed feet will be primly crossed underneath my Louis XIV perch as I reach for the last scone. "Another bellini, please!" I cry to the garcon to cleanse my tannin-tinged palate, much to Unkle Karl's dismay. "A calorie is a terrible thing to waste," he says, raising a proverbial (and literal) pinky at my thinnocence. 
While those days might be a long, long time away in the future, I can get a glimpse of the potential nosedives I will take into rosebud, jasmine and dandelion-scented waters among the chicest company in the world. German novelty gift company Donkey Creative Lab has developed Prêt-à-Portea, a novelty teabag collection featuring fashion's most famous faces. The collection has been thought to have been named after the popular afternoon tea time at the Berkeley Hotel in London that serves fashion-inspired fare on designer china, natch. Across the pond, Naomi Campbell (at a lull in her phone-throwing career), Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace and Claudia Schiffer will join you for a spot of the good stuff in any setting - and won't fuss about the stale scones or flat champagne. If only they could infuse my hot water with words of wisdom, a Yves Saint Laurent handbag or a contact or two from their Rolodex...

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