Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vogue Turkiye

*Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been focusing on my grad. thesis (blah).

As an Armenian, I have never felt hatred towards Turkey or Turks in general. Sure, i deplore their acts throughout history, but I've never followed international politics including Armenian politics, so I will make this blog entry completely detached from any historical or cultural connotations.

Conde Nast premiered the latest outpost of Vogue for their March 2010 issue. The newest edition of the magazine debuted in Turkey this month with American model Jessica Stam on the cover photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Why is this groundbreaking? Well, considering Vogue is owned by Conde Nast Publications, a company whose magazines have been dropping like flies due to the economic crisis, it's a bit surprising that they would have the resources to produce a brand new magazine, much less the most read fashion magazine in the world (do you know how expensive it is to put together each issue?).

The inaugural issue comes hot on the heels of Harper's Bazaar Dubai, which debuted in early 2009. The Editor In Chief is Seda Domanic, CNBC World host of Business Turkey. The Editor At Large is Ece Sukan, who is a former model, photographer and stylist as well as the owner of FEROSH!, a prominent vintage store in Turkey (she is, by all means, ferosh). Mary Fellowes, a London-based stylist and Fashion Editor of Intelligent Life, is the Fashion Director.

{Ece Sukan - Editor At Large}

From a fashion perspective, I can't wait to see the editorials that will be produced on these pages. The inaugural cover is pretty darn awesome. There was a lot of buzz and many speculations regarding the cover model. Some hopefuls were Karlie Kloss, Isabeli Fontana and Gemma Ward. I'm not surprised that they chose an American cover model, but I think it looks great nonetheless.

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