Friday, February 5, 2010

Exquisite Event Ideas Of The Week

The other day, someone at my work told me I have baby fever. Maybe it was because I couldn't stop gushing over a baby I saw in a stroller on the way to lunch or perhaps a very important person in my life is pregnant (!!!), but I find babies and their celebrations very heart warming. My best friend in the whole wide world is going to have a baby (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!) and it has definitely had me perusing the internet for baby shower ideas (did I really need an excuse?).

I've always considered event planning a back-up option because I do enjoy floral arrangements, menu planning, finding unique invitations, etc. I love seeing things that other people have created and try to find ways to apply them in my own life. Here are a few centerpieces and party planning ideas that I just can't get over:

I love the lushness of these arrangements! The combination of green and pink always looks fresh and modern. I'm so drawn to ranunculus (those tightly wound flowers third from the bottom) and I am obsessed with green flowers. I even love green carnations! Green and pink are also the main colors of Princess Cake (my fave). I suspect those green confections perched so perfectly atop those square plates are filled with the raspberry curd that satisfies my sweet tooth. Aleen had the idea of replacing the pink flowers with white for a unisex baby shower. I think that's a great idea but might be a bit too stark for her naturally vibrant style. A way to customize this look may be to replace pink with different greens or even succulents in the arrangements. Think curled fern, cacti or even miniature artichokes!
I love how modern and fun this centerpiece is. I love arrangements that go all the way across the table like a runner. The flower balls on those stems are so whimsical, they can be used for any occasion. Baby showers are the perfect places for touches of whimsy!

Now, THIS is my idea of an ideal baby shower! The vintage elements make my heart melt! From the wire pram to the GORGEOUS flower balls hanging from trees, this event is the stuff of dreams! The blush roses are so beyond romantic, I get butterflies just looking at them. The flower-covered teddy bear is just so precious, as is the tutu-wearing bunny. Can I live in this fantasy world?

I love Amy Atlas Events. She is equal parts quirky, modern and totally glamorous! She always gets it right and pays such close attention to detail. Check out the old school strawberry milk! You can get crafty and make flag straws with your own sweet message. I've been considering hosting a Valentine's Day dinner at my house and, if all goes as planned, I will definitely be taking cues from Amy's latest project. That ruffled frosting on the cakes is so frilly and feminine! You can replicate this by purchasing a flat icing tip from any craft or baking store and practice, practice, practice! On another note, God knows I love macarons - both for their flavor and dainty appearance. I'm loving the contrast of feminine pink and stark gray. I wonder what flavors those petit fours are! Question: Are you over the cupcake craze? I'm totally not over cupcakes - I would love to take a bite out of those key-topped creations! I'm totally gushing over this pretty party look!

I have been reading Hostess With The Mostess for as long as I can remember. She consistently delivers the most creative and inspirational party details, real party pictorials, recipes and crafty ideas about how to create similar soirees! The bridal shower above had a Gossip Girl theme, but what I loved more were the fashion-inspired details that really made this party unique. Check out the ruffled place mats that sit underneath the lilac crystal-trimmed chargers! Don't get me started on the bustled seat cover that will make any bridal occasion extra special. How cute are those individual roses in those glass holders? This party has "Gareen" written all over it! The contrast of the fluffy pink peonies tucked into heavy purple velvet-wrapped vases tone down a very feminine tablescape while still keeping it chic. This look can be easily recreated, if only I had an occasion...

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