Thursday, February 11, 2010

Au Revoir...

There was a death in the fashion family today. When you immerse yourself in this industry and truly get to live and breathe it, you find yourself making unspoken and intangible connections with each person you admire and respect. They become your "friends in your head" and remain on a first name basis because of the many references you make to their work, inspirations and outlandish visions. You identify with their creative processes even though you know nothing about their specific art and are able to become completely captivated by their products that you might not superficially understand.

 Lee Alexander McQueen was one of these people, a true artist in every respect, a theatrical genius and modern day visionary. Fortunately, he never shied away from displaying his ingenuity every chance he was given. Most notably, his Spring 2010 collection mastered this feat by demonstrating his masterful integration of his outrageous fantasies with tenacious technical prowess. His post-apocalyptic predictions of antediluvian vigilantes rose from within the turbulent waters and emerged in McQueen's exaggerated prints, silhouettes and now-famous 10-inch reptilian stilettos that caused quite a stir among the fashion elite. Only in a dream could these concepts come together to produce one of the most discussed shows of Paris Fashion Week. Only in a dream could this daring designer's prosperous life come to a tragic end.

He of the skull scarves, low-rise pants and fetish-inspired runway theatrics has left an unspeakable void in the fashion world. The perpetual spectacle that was his work will carry on in the numerous dedications that will, no doubt, take place during the impending London Fashion Week (starting today) and Fall/Winter 2010 shows in various fashion capitols. Unfortunately, the perils of grief and the turbulence of a true artist's psyche can grab hold of one's senses and generate an uncontrollable impulse that only he can understand. I lament the loss not only for the selfish reason of missing a golden opportunity to collaborate with a certifiable genius, but for the entire fashion family - that it will have a few pages missing out of its history.

As they say, the show must go on.

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