Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vogue Turkiye

*Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been focusing on my grad. thesis (blah).

As an Armenian, I have never felt hatred towards Turkey or Turks in general. Sure, i deplore their acts throughout history, but I've never followed international politics including Armenian politics, so I will make this blog entry completely detached from any historical or cultural connotations.

Conde Nast premiered the latest outpost of Vogue for their March 2010 issue. The newest edition of the magazine debuted in Turkey this month with American model Jessica Stam on the cover photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Why is this groundbreaking? Well, considering Vogue is owned by Conde Nast Publications, a company whose magazines have been dropping like flies due to the economic crisis, it's a bit surprising that they would have the resources to produce a brand new magazine, much less the most read fashion magazine in the world (do you know how expensive it is to put together each issue?).

The inaugural issue comes hot on the heels of Harper's Bazaar Dubai, which debuted in early 2009. The Editor In Chief is Seda Domanic, CNBC World host of Business Turkey. The Editor At Large is Ece Sukan, who is a former model, photographer and stylist as well as the owner of FEROSH!, a prominent vintage store in Turkey (she is, by all means, ferosh). Mary Fellowes, a London-based stylist and Fashion Editor of Intelligent Life, is the Fashion Director.

{Ece Sukan - Editor At Large}

From a fashion perspective, I can't wait to see the editorials that will be produced on these pages. The inaugural cover is pretty darn awesome. There was a lot of buzz and many speculations regarding the cover model. Some hopefuls were Karlie Kloss, Isabeli Fontana and Gemma Ward. I'm not surprised that they chose an American cover model, but I think it looks great nonetheless.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Au Revoir...

There was a death in the fashion family today. When you immerse yourself in this industry and truly get to live and breathe it, you find yourself making unspoken and intangible connections with each person you admire and respect. They become your "friends in your head" and remain on a first name basis because of the many references you make to their work, inspirations and outlandish visions. You identify with their creative processes even though you know nothing about their specific art and are able to become completely captivated by their products that you might not superficially understand.

 Lee Alexander McQueen was one of these people, a true artist in every respect, a theatrical genius and modern day visionary. Fortunately, he never shied away from displaying his ingenuity every chance he was given. Most notably, his Spring 2010 collection mastered this feat by demonstrating his masterful integration of his outrageous fantasies with tenacious technical prowess. His post-apocalyptic predictions of antediluvian vigilantes rose from within the turbulent waters and emerged in McQueen's exaggerated prints, silhouettes and now-famous 10-inch reptilian stilettos that caused quite a stir among the fashion elite. Only in a dream could these concepts come together to produce one of the most discussed shows of Paris Fashion Week. Only in a dream could this daring designer's prosperous life come to a tragic end.

He of the skull scarves, low-rise pants and fetish-inspired runway theatrics has left an unspeakable void in the fashion world. The perpetual spectacle that was his work will carry on in the numerous dedications that will, no doubt, take place during the impending London Fashion Week (starting today) and Fall/Winter 2010 shows in various fashion capitols. Unfortunately, the perils of grief and the turbulence of a true artist's psyche can grab hold of one's senses and generate an uncontrollable impulse that only he can understand. I lament the loss not only for the selfish reason of missing a golden opportunity to collaborate with a certifiable genius, but for the entire fashion family - that it will have a few pages missing out of its history.

As they say, the show must go on.

Joyeux Anniversaire...

Though the day has passed, I want to wish a happy 62nd birthday to the most generous, kind-hearted, loving, selfless, patient, strong and awe-inspiring woman in my life - my mother. Your birth has been a blessing to many. May you always be as radiant and hopeful as you are in this photograph...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tom Ford Spring 2010 Eyewear Campaign

Do you agree or do you agree that Tom Ford always delivers dynamic visuals in all of his endeavors? His Spring 2010 eyewear campaign is no exception! The newest ad features drop dead gorgeous super model Carolyn Murphy modeling Ford's sexed-up spectacles and draping herself over young British actor Nicholas Hoult who bears a striking resemblance to the daring designer. The most captivating aspect of this campaign is that Murphy is scarcely dressed save for a few cleverly exposed tan lines. And how dare I neglect the adorably prim checkered papillons that are perched on Hoult's collar? I will venture to assume they were designed by Ford himself.

{Photos courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue}

Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Wonders

Does seeing slices of vibrant blue and purple natural stone recall your childhood spent unearthing common everyday treasures from soil? I still have my collection, but those nuggets of pyrite, amethyst and rose quartz don't hold a candle to these new-age incarnations of juvenile pastimes. Agate is back in a big way and more designers are finding ways to incorporate their mystification of these natural wonders into their collections. Here are a few that have caught my eye as of late:

{Clockwise from top: Melissa Joy Manning Pyrite Ammonite Ring; House of Harlow Abalone Starburst Pendant Necklace, $80; Kara Ross Raw Aquamarine Necklace; Unearthen Ruby Crystal Necklace, $375; Kara Ross Raw Kunzite Earrings w/ Sapphires; Aesa Purple Agate Necklace, $315}

Mission: start saving!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zara Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book

Over the years, as my style choices have become increasingly influenced by high fashion trends, I have found myself seeking more sophisticated silhouettes and edgier pieces that stand out yet are appropriate for everyday. Retail chains rarely deliver these goods, but Zara has always stayed true to its fashion philosophy that it "walks at the pace of society, dressing ideas, trends and tastes that society itself has matured." Their mission statement implies that there's an effortless chicness that radiates from their merchandise and transfers to the individual who chooses to represent him or herself by wearing the clothing. This season, Zara designers have manifested their uncomplicated philosophy into equally uncomplicated clothing. The organic elements and upscale bohemian attributes are the ultimate urban essentials that update American sportswear with European flair.

The tender neutrals of this collection have a color-washed quality to them and evoke a soft sense of femininity that is so on-trend for this transitional season. Earth tones and pastels unite to create a whimsical yet organic aesthetic that seems to be affecting the entire industry. Stella McCartney famously incorporated her love of slouchy-chic into her long-running stint at ChloƩ and A.F. Vandevorst and Moschino featured similar collections for Spring/Summer 2010.
The contrast between natural and masculine leather and soft silks creates a functional and fashionable look. The loose braid look has transitioned from seasons past and aptly represents the deconstructed elegance of the modern woman.

Another timely trend is the oxford shirt that screams menswear yet translates easily into a woman's wardrobe. The sharply tailored look evokes power and sophistication with its incredible crispness. On the contrary, the slouchy silhouette implies the casual-chic quality that most fashion icons possess. Paired with a structured blazer, this look is impeccable yet incredibly nonchalant.


I can't wait to check out some of these styles in stores soon!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic was approached by a photographer to style a fashionable food concept idea for a McDonalds pop-up restaurant during Fashion Week last year. As an enthusiastic lover of both food and fashion, this concept, the set-up, photo quality and all-over aesthetic of this photo shoot is beyond my wildest imagination!

If all fast food establishments packaged their products in this way, I would eat Hermes french fries all day and night!

The starkness of the photos and the immaculate packaging of the items makes them look irresistible and untouchable at the same time. A definite departure from the sloppy goodness of McDonalds packaging, the minimalism and symmetry of these images are food for thought for the entire fine dining industry!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Exquisite Event Ideas Of The Week

The other day, someone at my work told me I have baby fever. Maybe it was because I couldn't stop gushing over a baby I saw in a stroller on the way to lunch or perhaps a very important person in my life is pregnant (!!!), but I find babies and their celebrations very heart warming. My best friend in the whole wide world is going to have a baby (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!) and it has definitely had me perusing the internet for baby shower ideas (did I really need an excuse?).

I've always considered event planning a back-up option because I do enjoy floral arrangements, menu planning, finding unique invitations, etc. I love seeing things that other people have created and try to find ways to apply them in my own life. Here are a few centerpieces and party planning ideas that I just can't get over:

I love the lushness of these arrangements! The combination of green and pink always looks fresh and modern. I'm so drawn to ranunculus (those tightly wound flowers third from the bottom) and I am obsessed with green flowers. I even love green carnations! Green and pink are also the main colors of Princess Cake (my fave). I suspect those green confections perched so perfectly atop those square plates are filled with the raspberry curd that satisfies my sweet tooth. Aleen had the idea of replacing the pink flowers with white for a unisex baby shower. I think that's a great idea but might be a bit too stark for her naturally vibrant style. A way to customize this look may be to replace pink with different greens or even succulents in the arrangements. Think curled fern, cacti or even miniature artichokes!
I love how modern and fun this centerpiece is. I love arrangements that go all the way across the table like a runner. The flower balls on those stems are so whimsical, they can be used for any occasion. Baby showers are the perfect places for touches of whimsy!

Now, THIS is my idea of an ideal baby shower! The vintage elements make my heart melt! From the wire pram to the GORGEOUS flower balls hanging from trees, this event is the stuff of dreams! The blush roses are so beyond romantic, I get butterflies just looking at them. The flower-covered teddy bear is just so precious, as is the tutu-wearing bunny. Can I live in this fantasy world?

I love Amy Atlas Events. She is equal parts quirky, modern and totally glamorous! She always gets it right and pays such close attention to detail. Check out the old school strawberry milk! You can get crafty and make flag straws with your own sweet message. I've been considering hosting a Valentine's Day dinner at my house and, if all goes as planned, I will definitely be taking cues from Amy's latest project. That ruffled frosting on the cakes is so frilly and feminine! You can replicate this by purchasing a flat icing tip from any craft or baking store and practice, practice, practice! On another note, God knows I love macarons - both for their flavor and dainty appearance. I'm loving the contrast of feminine pink and stark gray. I wonder what flavors those petit fours are! Question: Are you over the cupcake craze? I'm totally not over cupcakes - I would love to take a bite out of those key-topped creations! I'm totally gushing over this pretty party look!

I have been reading Hostess With The Mostess for as long as I can remember. She consistently delivers the most creative and inspirational party details, real party pictorials, recipes and crafty ideas about how to create similar soirees! The bridal shower above had a Gossip Girl theme, but what I loved more were the fashion-inspired details that really made this party unique. Check out the ruffled place mats that sit underneath the lilac crystal-trimmed chargers! Don't get me started on the bustled seat cover that will make any bridal occasion extra special. How cute are those individual roses in those glass holders? This party has "Gareen" written all over it! The contrast of the fluffy pink peonies tucked into heavy purple velvet-wrapped vases tone down a very feminine tablescape while still keeping it chic. This look can be easily recreated, if only I had an occasion...
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