Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What a glorious day for an introduction! I had always imagined that my foray into the blogosphere would be full of inspiration, perhaps an intimate thought or an invocation of sorts. That my mindless thoughts and thoughtless dribble would somehow reinforce my status in my personal fishbowl - the one which allows me to look out from my buoyant stagnation and simultaneously offer insight from beyond the glass. But, it's just me staring at a page full of infinite possibilities and hoping that my tireless rants and raves will reach the ears (or eyes) of like-minded folk (you). In short, I love anything and everything that gives me butterflies in my belly: fashion, design, music, art, lullabies, poetry, love, delicate things, dessert, fine dining, a vintage china pattern and just about anything that has a touch of whimsy. I can't wait to start sharing my fabulous finds, frolics and fantasies with whoever is out there!

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