Monday, January 25, 2010

Always Be Glamorous

I have been in the process of updating my bedroom for the past God knows how many years and have collected boxes and bags filled with all kinds of trinkets to decorate my "dream Hollywood Glamour bedroom" with. Today, I found just the piece I've been looking for to hang above the amazing gold leaf curved chest I ordered last week! Home Goods is my go-to place for unique home decor and I audibly gasped when I saw this piece!

I have been dying to buy artwork that is both thought-provoking and fanciful and I think I've found it! I wonder what this fashionable woman is thinking about or gazing at. Perhaps she is resting her tired (yet fabulously outfitted) feet after a long day of shopping or lounging on a settee at a swanky uptown restaurant. Whatever the setting of this amazing print, I bought it so I can meditate on it every morning while getting ready for my day and remind myself to be glamorous no matter where I'm going.

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